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Hello + Welcome!
My name is Jeanna (pronounced Gena) and I'm truly blessed with life. I'm a Christian, newlywed, and proud mama of 2 rescued chihuahuas and a fat cat.

My hobbies are ever changing, but I seem to return to them at some point. What I've dabbled in? Jewelry making (find me on etsy; StitchedTeagan) sewing, cooking, baking, crafting, repurposing, drawing, calligraphy. The list goes on and on!

My one addiction; Pinterest.

God has blessed me with a truly amazing man, my best friend, and my soul mate. We've been together since 2007 and have accomplished so much since then. We become happy homeowners to our first home in January 2013 and making over the home has been so much fun. 

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  1. Congrats on your recent marriage! I have a rescued dog as well:)