January 23, 2014

Closet Tour

Our home has been getting a serious make over in the past couple months, especially our master bedroom which we have finally painted (blog post coming soon!) Our master closet system was literally falling off the wall when we moved in last year and over Christmas we decided to tear it down and start new. Luckily we were able to salvage the closet system to be reused which saved us from spending money on a new closet system!
First off was painting the closet doors which used to be a plain wood and replacing the hardware.

This photo was taken from my instagram (@Jeanna2008) the top right photo is the closet system before we tore it out. See how it's bending towards to center? Eek!!

The top is my fiance's clothes (because I'm too short to reach)

We re-did the shelving unit to better fit my shoes.

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