January 30, 2014

Guest Bedroom color palette

Guest bedroom color palette.
An idea of what I'm trying to go for, for our extra bedroom which right now is the guest bedroom but will one day (hopefully within the next 2 years) be a nursery. At that point I'd still like to stick with this similar theme, something that is gender neutral.
As of right now this is our guest bedroom. Hoping to get rid of the day bed once we find a nice twin sized bed frame. I'd really like to find a nice antique spindle bed.
Here are some color schemes I really love! Just something about this bright cheerful colors.


  1. These are probably my most favorite color combinations. I am also OBSESSED with owls. I was thinking about using similar colors in my Studio. Cant wait to see the finished project, if you do do it.

    1. I love owls too! actually a little obsessed :) I found I'm almost using these colors in every room of the upstairs; master, guest and now our office :)
      Thanks so much for stopping by Morgan!!!

  2. Beautiful combination of colors, uplifting and fun, it's great.