March 9, 2014

DIY - Chalkboard using paint

Chalkboard paint.
5 months till the wedding, and I'm really enjoying any DIY projects I can throw together.
While shopping one evening my fiance and I stopped into a store called "Tuesday Morning" pretty similar to a big lots, or Ollies if you're familiar with that. I spotted this black board the resemble a chalkboard.

I love lettering, or calligraphy if you want to get serious about it. So I wanted to put my "handy work" to the test for a chalkboard to display at our ceremony and reception.
What you'll need:
- Chalkboard paint. I'm using Americana paint from Michael's Craft store about $2.99
- A roller (any paint roller will do. I'm using a small sponge roller also from Michael's)
- A surface to paint on :)
- Painters tape (I'm using Frog tape from Home Depot, left over from paint our master.)
I also picked up a chalk pen which was found in the paint aisle of Michael's for $1.99
  • I taped off the area to cover the decorative white design that came on the board.
  • As per the instructions on the paint bottle you want to apply 1 coat vertically, and 1 coat horizontally. 
  • Let dry for 1 hour and repeat.
  • Let cure for 24 hours and condition the chalkboard with chalk. (this part I didn't do)

(sorry for the poor quality)
Once it's dry you can remove your tape and there you have a nice even chalkboard area inside the decorative design.

And my finished project using the chalk pen.

Chalk and chalk pens will easily wipe off using a damp paper towel 


  1. How cute! Your calligraphy skills are amazing, I bet it will be a lovely addition to your wedding, all the more special because you made it yourself

  2. what a cute idea ! I just bought some chalkboard paint I think this is my next project ! Thanks for sharing !