April 30, 2014

StitchedTeagan is back

After a pretty long hiatus ST is back in business with a fresh new look and all new jewelry.
This time around it's been very relaxing and I've enjoyed spending my evenings making new jewelry to list in the shop. As I've probably said before that Jewelry and I have a on again off again relationship... well we're back together right now ;)
The style for this "season" is wire inspired (kinda catchy huh?) I've been trying to incorporate more wire wrapping into my pieces and keeping the designs simple, but eye catching.
I'm really proud of the new shop banner and avatar I designed using a chalkboard style background; very classic.

Be sure to stop by and browse my selection, be in mind it's small at the moment but growing day by day!
Etsy Shop - StitchedTeagan


  1. It’s nice to see that you and your jewelry are back! I’m pretty sure that your clients are looking forward to seeing more of the crafts in your etsy shop. By the way, that's a fabulous header you made for your shop! I hope you’ll be able to update your shop more frequently. It can help attract more customers if you have more options to choose from.

    Tommy Crowe

  2. What a gorgeous shop, Jeanna! You’ve got a rich collection of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets! Moreover, I love the way you combined the colors of your materials. I do hope you were able to maximize the use of your website in order to sell more products. Aside from creating astonishing jewelry, you should also observe your online presence from time to time. How are you now? :)

    Clwyd Probert @ Whitehat