December 8, 2013

Christmas House Tour

It's a winter wonderland outside as we get our 1st snowfall of the season! I'm staying safe and warm inside with a cup of marshmallow hot chocolate while doing some last minute decorating for the Holidays. I hope you all are also keeping safe in this weather! With this being our 1st Christmas in our 1st home together I couldn't help but share it all with you :)

Wondering where I got some of the items pictured?
Feel free to leave a comment and ask me, I'll be sure to share with you :)


  1. Since we don't get snow where I live, I love all your snowmen decorations!

  2. (Just found you via the Etsy Blog Team!)

    We have plaid on our table, too. It's just so cheerful!

  3. Look at how heavy that snow is, wonderful! I love that penguin, penguins are always so adorable.