January 27, 2014

Unique Jewelry Display

If you sell jewelry or are looking for a way to display your own collection. Here are some clever ways to re-purpose items into your own jewelry displays.
Do you hunt? A great way to re-purpose those antlers is to display chunky bangles.
Use an old tool box or fishing tackle box to hold and display jewelry at craft shows.
Take large wine bottles and cut them down to a size the suites you. Spray paint and use as a necklace display. This could work with any large bottle you may have around your home
Take clip boards (found at any office supply store) and use scraps of burlap to display necklaces
Use scraps of wood, paint and distress with sand paper. Put 2 nails on either side to display necklaces. Or using a large piece of wood do the same as above and add more nails to display bracelets.
If you sell on etsy here is a cute way to display and package your jewelry for shipping. Use a stack of playing cards (can be found at the dollar store) cut slits at tops to place necklaces through.


  1. Such clever ideas! I especially love the tackle box set up. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I love the playing card idea for the necklaces, very cool!